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Monday, 20 July 2009

Spambot Search Tool v0.34

Sorry for being so late in posting this here, but I released an update to the SBST yesterday. The main changes were two new DNSBL's (technically 3, but since 2 are run by the same site .....).

My friend Connie has pointed me to a potential problem with the inclusion of the Spamtrap RBL provided by Tornevall (, as it flagged her IP, which considering she's had the same IP for 2 years, is a bit strange (I've advised her to contact them to query this).

If you experience the same with the spamtrap RBL (shown on the SBST web interface as "Tornevall (2)"), you may want to temporarily disable it.

It should be noted, Tornevall mention having different return values (though not sure if this also applies to their spamtrap RBL). If I remember to, I'll try and get these included into the next release.

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