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Monday, 13 July 2009

Major addition to hpHosts blacklist

Just a note folks, after identifying some new Internet Service Team ranges, I am currently in the process of adding over 3000 new entries to the database. I am seriously wishing the HOSTS file allowed blocking IP ranges, as this could've easily been accomplished by adding the following single line to the blacklist (which is what you can add to your firewall filter if you've not already done so).,

This block is used by the IST, and owned, surprise surprise, by NetDirekt (yep, I already knew that, which is why it's not a surprise). 217.20.112.* is already in hpHosts, but 113-127 is not (at least, not completely, little scraps here and there were already in the database).

You can see all of the IP ranges I am aware of that are in use by the IST at;


Google poisoning, IST, rogues and 250+ reasons to avoid 209.44.* ......

IST (Internet Service Team - * in blackhat SEO campaign - again

MalwareURL: Internet Service Team

MalwareURL: AS28753

MalwareDomainList: Internet Service Team

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