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Saturday, 4 July 2009 / - black hat hosting? is a web host in Malaysia that has cropped up a few times as hosts for this long-running scam.

It seems that this isn't an isolated case. Looking just one server at gives us a number of other fraudulent domains:


In fact, it's the last domain "" which gives a clue as to what is really going on. looks like a reseller of's hosting and it advertises itself as "100% anonymous hosting and anonymous DNS and domain name services" which is "beyond the reach of virtually any government or law enforcement agency."

If you Google for "anonymous hosting" then comes up as #4. So you can see where their customers are coming from. also rents other servers from, and they show a mix of sites that appear to be very dodgy indeed, through to sites that appear legitimate.

They appear to run the following IPs and probably others too:

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Unknown said...

On behalf of Piradius, the user was terminated since last year 2009 once it was found it is blackhat hosting