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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cloudeight: Ever hear of e-mail?

It's not uncommon for someone to e-mail me, or PM me via one of the many forums, to ask why a domain is listed, or ask for it to be removed, or even, ask for a domain to be added. Indeed, I've got 3 e-mails in my inbox at present, from 2 companies demanding their sites removed (Conduit and Ascentive) and threatening to sue me if I don't.

Alas it seems, some people can't even send an e-mail. I came across a rant over at, that I found rather intruiging, not only because they were complaining about hpHosts and inferring I only do this stuff for money, traffic and fame (those that know me know otherwise, but what the hell, they're entitled to their opinion, and I've certainly been called worse). One thing they forgot to mention during their complaint however, was the domain that was blocked by hpHosts, and indeed, they failed to mention the fact they'd not bothered contacting me via any of the available methods (I've been through the hpHosts e-mails for the past 12 months and can't find a single one from Cloudeight or referencing thundercloud).

Interestingly, they also aren't the only ones to think that the "hpHosts comments" over on the Web of Trust scorecards, were written by me, I've had many an e-mail from people that think that. Alas however, they're to be disappointed, as they are not written by me, but are infact, automagically posted when WoT syncs with the hpHosts database (which FYI Cloudeight, is why "he seems to copy/paste the same vitriolic nonsense to every review he writes", had you contacted either myself or Web of Trust, you'd have known that).

Cloudeight also seem to be of the belief that I rant about the dangers of cookies, and am a self-proclaimed expert. As many who know me will tell you, I've never once called myself an expert, quite the opposite infact. As for cookies, I've never said they're dangerous, I've said they are plain text files that can be used for tracking purposes.

Anyway, to keep this short and to the point, I've been through the database and can't find any domains referencing either cloudeight or thundercloud, so until they do bother to get in touch with me, I've no idea as to which domains they are referring as having been blocked, and I've no intention of registering for their newsletter just to find out (though I think I'll fire them an e-mail as it's got me intruiged).

You can read the full rant over at;

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