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Sunday, 6 December 2009 Here we go again

Thundercloud/Cloudeight have went on another rant it seems.

I tried sending the following, but their contact form rejected it as it's over 300 chars;

"Alas poor yoric ... I've just noticed yet again, that you've failed miserably in checking your facts;

1. hpHosts comments on WoT are NOT posted by me. They're put there automagically when WoT syncs with my database

2. was NOT added to hpHosts by me, it was added by the MalwareURL Team, something you'd have known if you'd bothered to check. And yes, after verification, it has been removed with a false positive note attached (MalwareURL removed it from their listing, but evidently forgot to remove it from hpHosts at the same time).

Can I make a suggestion? If you come across a problem relating to a site listed in hpHosts, CONTACT ME! You'll find I'm a reasonable fellow, and if an error has been made, it will be corrected (remember, we're only human and thus, prone to error)

3. I've never called myself an expert, again, something you'd have known had you bothered to do YOUR research."

Still no response to my original submission via their contact form.


Donna sent me the following, which should clarify the listing for Cloudeight:

I've checked myself (prior to removing it obviously), and didn't see anything there.

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