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Friday, 11 December 2009

HopOne/ outage

I was trying to access the Avant Browser forums earlier, and wondered why I couldn't. FTP wouldn't connect, nor would HTTP, so I tried via Web-Sniffer, to rule out a problem at this end, and nope, nothing there either.

I then tried to phone HopOne, and was told I was in the position 3 of the queue, and would be speaking to someone in "2 minutes", but could check on their network status at - so tried that whilst waiting on the phone, and err, nope, couldn't connect to that either.

After waiting on the phone for over 15 mins to speak to someone, I finally gave up, and thought I'd grab a coffee, have a smoke and try after Deep Space Nine. Alas, DS Nine has finished and everything still seems down over there.

I have checked via, and they couldn't access either (see top left), or either.

I don't know what's going on over there, but they seem to have had an outage along the lines somewhere. If any of you are able to get hold of them and find out what's going on, do drop me a line.

/edit 18:14

Finally gotten through to someone at HopOne, and they had a power outage earlier, but he wasn't aware of any current problems. I mentioned the issues I'd noticed with the Avant forum server and, and he's going to get right on it (I don't have a name to give you guys unfortunately, as he didn't give one)

/edit 18:32

Well he said it would be back up within 10 mins, and he's only 5 mins over that, but I don't care - it's back online folks! still appears to be down however.

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