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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

EuroConnex/BlueConnex boots Riccom Ltd

I'm happy to announce, I woke up to a rather surprising e-mail today, from a Josh Kirkwood over at EuroConnex/BlueConnex. He informed me, because of this, they've booted Riccom, leaving them stranded.


I have read your article about us (/2009/12/blueconnexeuroconnex-as29550-riccom-ltd.html )

Firstly thanks for making such a concise list of the badness contained in that riccom /24 it was real help in turfing them out. They at the current are now having issues as we are no longer announcing their space to the world

I am in the process of advocating to spamhaus to add that space to the DROP list

You mention you tried to email us. Can I ask what address you tried so I can see why it was not delivered and more so can I say that if you find anything that is not good and you need to contact us please don't hesitate to email me directly

Thanks very much

Josh Kirkwood
Network Engineer
Blueconnex/BlueSquare Data Group

This is definitely great news!. I've sent him the list of other badness across the BlueConnex range, so we'll see what happens with those (there's presently around 670 or so, with 150 of them at, which is no longer resolving (was at

I'm going through those that I posted in the previous article, to see which are now stranded (i.e. still resolving to the Riccom range), and which have moved.


Validation results are now ready;

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