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Monday, 7 December 2009 Use and abuse us as you wish

Want to own a domain name and do whatever you want? Including using it for malicious purposes - use apparently.

Nope, disgustingly, it's not a joke. Aslong as you're paying them for the domain, they apparently couldn't care less (that may not be how their e-mail to me was worded, but it's certainly what they've implied);

Dear Sir/Madam,

We appreciate your email.

Unfortunately our policy does not allow us to
interfere in this issue, because
the registrant paid and registered this domain
name. It is not a Free Domain.

If you wish, you can review the registrant
information in our WHOIS server available at

If this were a Free Domain abuse issue,
we could have cancelled the domain name

We regret any inconvenience you may have
been caused.

With Kind Regards,

Dot TK Support
Renaming The Internet

The majority of support questions and answers
are available on Dot TK's Wiki at

The domain in question?
IP PTR: Resolution failed
ASN: 9929 CNCNET-CN China Netcom Corp.


Mystery said...

That's incredible!
So they can continue freely to poison websites with iFrames and infect computers, just because they have paid?!?
Now that makes me incredibly angry!

cybervigilante said...

How do I block all tk domains? I've tried using the hosts file but that doesn't seem to work. I used .tk and refreshed the domain cache, but I can still get a tk domain. hosts doesn't seem to take wildcards, either.

MysteryFCM said...

You can't block them using the HOSTS file I'm afraid.

The only way to block them is with either your firewall (if the firewall provides facilities for blocking such (NOD ESS doesn't, nor does the XP/Vista/7 built in firewall)), or with your adblocker (if using one).

Corporate networks can use their filtering services to block such.

IE users can use B Gone;

Or Naomi. Not sure what happened to Naomi's website (I know the author stopped developing it a few years ago, but wasn't expecting the site itself to disappear), but it can be found at;

Think I'll have to throw together a commemoration site to it :o) (it's far more powerful than B Gone as B Gone only supports Trident shells such as IE, Avant Browser etc, whereas Naomi supports all internet traffic).