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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Update: Frontlinecom

Remember this and this? Well, it would appear they've had a change of heart, instead of suing me, the MD of the company, David Jones, has decided an apology is a better idea.

I actually meant to post an update regarding this, a few days ago when the MD sent me the link, but I've been very side tracked with work and things, and forgot about it.

Their blog doesn't mention Mr Mark Jones by name, instead referring to him as the employee, nor does it mention the name of the company they hired to do the "SEO". It does however, say they've apparently fired their "SEO expert", and goes on to say;

We would like to publicly apologise to MysteryFCM at hpHosts blog. You were right to call us out, and we were wrong in mishandling complaints about the quality of the work done, and in how we monitored the person who was handling our SEO work.

If your blog has been spammed by someone claiming to be a representative of Frontline, please contact us at We will do everything possible to make things right. We understand there are no excuses for the poor business practices that have happened here, and this has resulted in a hefty lesson for us.

To MysteryFCM, we apologise for wasting your time, as well as transgressing implicit rules of online conduct. We are a small, ethical business, and it’s upsetting to feel that we’ve hurt small businesses by allowing the spam to take place, and responding inappropriately once a staff member was notified.

Thank you so much for your time, and for bringing our focus back to where it should be – serving our customers with quality business solutions here in the UK.

You can read the full blog over there;

This doesn't answer the question of why another attempt was made by the same person, to spam the hpHosts blog around an hour before the MD e-mailed me with a link to his blog, but I mentioned that to him and he's apparently looking into it, so we'll see.

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