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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Augnitum offering (limited) Outpost for free

Yep, you read right, it's limited, as shown by the comparison. However, Outpost is still one of the best Windows firewalls available, and beats the pants off of the built in firewall that Windows comes with, so grab it asap.

The official page for it is at the following URL, but none of the download links/buttons worked when I tried it.

Kudos to Donna @ CoU for the heads up who says;

It’s been years since Agnitum is offering free version of their firewall but it never has program update. Today, I learn in Outpost and Wilders discussion forums that Agnitum is offering the 2009 edition of Outpost firewall for free. It’s a simple but effective firewall. No web control. Just a firewall, self-protection and Host Protection.

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