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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Windows Secrets misleading ParetoLogic spamvertising ......

Now, this is actually a paid advertisement, but the information is blatantly misleading. The Conficker worm did not go active on April 1. The Conficker worm has been active for months. On April 1 the Conficker worm changed an algorithm, that’s all. The Conficker worm is not one of the worst viruses in history. The worm is one of the most wide spread, but it is not known to have stolen data, as many threats have done. Conficker is not known to have sent spam. Conficker has not been confirmed as participating in DDOS for extortion attacks. Conficker has not been implicated in identity theft or credit card fraud.

When is willing to publish such sad hype and misleading information for a few bucks, you have to question the validity of any information they publish.

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