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Sunday, 5 April 2009

CyberDefender update: Sort of happy news!

In a very unexpected twist, it seems CyberDefender have seen the error of their ways (publicity hurt huh?) and have returned ALL of Slider51's $250. I am actually extremely surprised at this, for two reasons;

1. It's CyberDefender
2. They've backstepped on their original claim of their only being able to return half of it due to their "technical support" not being covered in the money back guarantee.

I fully expect them to continue putting people through this, especially given their history, but I'm glad they've returned the money they owed, and have actually honored their money back guarantee.

Just before I logged in to this forum, I checked my credit card activity online and noted two credits from CyberDefender - one for $129.99 and yesterday another for $120.00. I have my money back, and I am positive that had I not enlisted Icrontic's help that would never have happened.

Returning my money does NOT exonerate CyberDefender, however. They need to be investigated - "Sheur2XLC" Trojan doesn't exist, at least not under that name. Their "free" version (not free at all!) is the smoking gun - it contains the "hook" that leads one to believe there is nothing left to do but buy their software and let their technicians "fix" the unwary user's machine, because nobody else's software can identify or fix this threat. Once I bit down on the hook, I changed from a customer to their prey. Once a rogue, always a rogue. They may have given my $250 back, but they cost me many many hours of time and anguish, and consumed a bunch of Icrontic's time and expertise in helping me to weed trough their mess.

Perhaps now they'll also return the money they owe these folks?

... and better yet, stop scamming people to begin with? (I can dream ....).

If you've been ripped off by CyberDefender, please do let me know, and if you're using it willingly (ad supported version or paid*), GET RID OF IT!.

* The last time I checked (2007), the paid version came with ad's too, which is one of the things that started the whole CD debacle. Sadly I'm unable to check whether or not the newer paid versions also contain these ad's as I highly doubt they're going to give me a licence so I can find it. So if you're using the paid version, PLEASE do let me know if ANY of the adverts I pointed out in the original article, are still present (or indeed, any new ones)


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Rae said...

After reading this , I believe I have fallen for CyberDefender's scam too. I just removed 2trojans, 2 hijackers, and a slew of "PUPS" using Spy-Bot. This was recommended to me by I purchased Cyberdefender about 2 weeks ago , I think. My computer has been locking up for a few weeks now, getting worse every day. The screen would flash and then go black and return to normal again, usually running faster. My credit card info was used for unauthorized purchases (the email address the company received from the purchaser was I have finally got that account straightened out, and put a block on it.
Last night a rabbit crossed my screen after it flashed. I thought perhaps I'd been on the computer too long and was seeing things, maybe? Then the rabbit appeared again, and my computer got really slow. I called Cyberdefender. The tech took control of my computer (with my permission, of course) and I watched him pull up this screen that showed a huge amount errors . By looking at this screen and my telling him about the rabbit he told me it was probably a virus and the basic package I bought doesn't include fixing anything. But if I'd buy the full protection from them for $249 then he could figure out what it was and fix it, and then they would be available 24/7 for 2 years.Or I could buy three years of protection for $500. I can't use my credit card because I have a block on it. So I couldn't buy if I wanted to. I told him as much, and he actually said he was concerned, and that he was "telling me this as a friend" and "I'd hate for anything to happen to your computer".
I went looking for help, and I believe my computer is fixed now. This is the first time I've been on it since, so we'll see. I doubt if I could get my $49.95 back, but it would be nice. Is there anything that Cyberdefender IS good for? Or should I delete it from system?

MysteryFCM said...

In short, get rid of it.

You should be able to get your money back by asking your credit card company to do a charge back.

Icarus_Ascension said...

I had to fill out a lot of b.s. paper work for my bank, but the got me back the $300 Cyberdefender defrauded me into paying them. I still will occasionally get calls from unknown and other numbers I don't recognize. I just click ignore. F**k CyberDefender!