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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

hpHosts mirror and vURL Online bug fix

I'm happy to announce, courtesy of the wonderful ladies and gents at CoU (Calendar of Updates), we've now got an additional download mirror for the hpHosts files.

I am planning on converting the entire site to MySQL/PHP, so it can be moved to a Linux host, but that's going to take some time due to health and personal issues.

As an aside, I was made aware a couple of days ago, about a problem with the Montana Menagerie server that is used by vURL Online. It turns out the URL it had been given, was using a redirect, so the server failed to return the results. I've now changed it to the correct URL so this issue is now resolved.

If you'd like to help spread vURL, by providing a proxy mirror for use by the service, the script is now available at;

All your server needs is PHP + cURL!

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