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Saturday, 11 April 2009

SupportOnClick update

I'm happy to report, we've now more chance of reaching and warning alot more people about this scam, as The Register has picked this up!.

In addition, some more digging has revealed a couple more of their domains. Namely; (registered via DirectI)


Scareware scammers adopt cold call tactics scamming you by telephone!

New scam - They call you by phone!

Staffordshire Council - Telephone computer support warning (PDF)

Bigpond and Supportonclick??

Cold call scam warns of virus infection

Fake tech support call scam - prefetch virus


Anonymous said...


Do these malware domains posted here get added to the HpHosts file please ?

Since the forum is gone, people have no more clue about which sites got added/removed and have no more option to submit malware/spamming sites to be added.

Thanks a lot for this great site !

MysteryFCM said...

They do, yes :o)

You can monitor removals by watching the following;

This lists all hostnames removed, including why they were removed, and when.

Until I get the forums back online, you can still submit domains to me either via the contact form, or via the TeMerc forums;

Rebecca said...

There are many employees who were sacked for scamming while continuing under the company's banner. Be on your guard as many would try to malign the name to enjoy the effects. Many of them would call and offer services under the main banner. Beware!!!!