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Friday, 10 April 2009

Bill P, author of WinPatrol, recognized by (aka

I received the latest newsletter a few minutes ago, and was pleased to see the following (re-formatted for readability);

BillP, also known as the developer of WinPatrol

Bill Pytlovany Bill Pytlovany has been through a lot during his career, which includes being one of the original developers of AOL as well as being the brain behind a live simul-chat with Michael Jackson and AOL members. MTV eventually adopted this technology for video chats and called it MTC's Yak Chat. BillP also took part in creating a real-time game play on the Internet that would sync up with Sunday and Monday Night Football and College Bowl games. Today, this kind of technology seem ancient since we now have the capability to watch live TV on our mobile phones, but back in the 90's, it was unheard of!

As passionate as he was about all of these fun projects that came his way, he found his "It" project when he developed a program to help his family and friends prevent spyware programs from taking over their computers. Long before the terms anti-spyware and anti-virus became household names, WinPatrol soon became BillP's biggest passion to fight for internet safety.

Today, WinPatrol is available in 13 different languages with the help of volunteers on the localization effort and has gone through some 16 different versions. WinPatrol has created a devoted following and has its own group on Facebook and Twitter, with BillP being acknowledged most recently by Microsoft as one of the Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals.

Congrats, BillP!

Read the rest of the newsletter

I've been a fan of Bill's ever since I first came across WinPatrol several years ago, and am proud to call him a friend. The amount of selfless work he devotes to helping the community is astounding. So here's to you Bill, recognition is well over due!.

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