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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

PCButts still causing a ruckus ....

PCButts (aka Christopher Butts) has been known for years for both stealing other people's software and claiming it as his own, and for claiming to be a Microsoft MVP, when he isn't (if you are in doubt about this claim, contact Microsoft themselves - they'll confirm this). A whole slew of us have been monitoring him for years to see what he's up to, and the latest ruckus he's caused, which to his credit, is the one thing he can do all by his lonesome, is most certainly nothing new.

Alas the reason people keep helping him cause a comotion by responding to him, is because he continues peddling the stuff he's stolen, to those in need of REAL help (aka, help from those both qualified to do so, and capable of doing such without stealing other people's work).

"PA Bear", who actually IS a Microsoft MVP, wrote the following in one of the Microsoft newsgroups, to allow quick and simple clarification of the facts surrounding PCButts;

Stop talking to yourself!

What's the "real truth" about pcbutts1? Read on...

. Is he an MS MVP? No!

. Are his downloads safe? No!

. If redirects to, why doesn't he post that
link to begin with?

. Is he a proven thief? Yes!

. What do real experts have to say about him? It ain't pretty.
cf. (Reviews)

. Does he have all his marbles?

Ignore this MVP imposter!


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